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  • A compact 11-channel DMX moving Head with a powerfull 30W Led. Impressive light Outpout. Witha a high speed electronic strobe and linear dimmer. Can be controlled via 11 DMX channel or Auto / Sound activation. Ideal for use in DJ, Karaoke, Bars, Large Halls and small discos.

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  • A 11-14 channel DMX moving Head with Zoom and Prism fuction. With 60W Led impressive light Outpout.  Nice effects off the rotanting gobos and prism fuction. Can be controlled via 11-14 DMX channel or Auto / Sound activation. Ideal for use in Bars, Large Halls and discos.

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  • Compact, lightweight 13-channel DMX moving head featuring in impressive light intensity via its 15W LED. The standing unit can be wall or ceiling mount. Ideal for use in bars and discos.Auto and music controlled Manual focus 9 Gobos & open Lightweight plastic housing Fan cooled Reset function Adjustable strobe speed DMX in/outputs via XLR connectors

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    A very compact LED moving head wash for professional use in theaters, pro-stage, concerts, TV studios, discos etc, Based on 7x 10W Quad LEDs for extremely high light output to produce an ingenious light show with a perfect color mix. Comes with a 15° beam angle, 7 and 12-Channel DMX mode, color strobe, electronic dimmer etc. Smooth but extremely fast 540°...

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  • A 75-watt LED and superior optics make this fixture considerably brighter than most higher watt LED fixtures currently on the market. This feature-packed moving head includes a motorized focus for projecting crisp, rotating gobos from most distances. A rotating 3-facet prism splits the beam for maximum effects and coverage, while interchangeable gobos let...

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  • Projects a tight, 4-degree, super-bright beam. Complete with an 8-position color wheel, a 5-position fixed gobo wheel with an animation effect, and a 3-facet prism, this light cuts through haze with lightning-fast speed, creating a brilliant shaft of light and defined aerial effects. This fixture can also serve dual roles, by utilizing the frost filter...

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  • 50-watt LED moving head spot showcases a three-facet prism that splits the beam for great effects and to cover a larger area. Its easy-access gobo door allows for quick gobo changes, and an electronic dimmer allows for super-smooth LED fading.

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  • Features two fully and independently controllable moving heads mounted on an easy-to-rig bar. This high performance duo is linkable with one other unit to create eye-catching synchronized shows. Independent color and gobo wheels create numerous projections and mid-air effects, while DMX control allows for independent control of each head.

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  • Moving Head LED ZOOM integra 36 LEDs QUAD de 8W cada um repartidos entre as cores primarias RGB e Branco.

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  • Moving light array with 5 independently controlled heads that project narrow, razor-sharp beams of lights. Each moving head has a bright quad-color LED for infinite color-mixing capabilities. The Intimidator™ Wave IRC can be operated with the control panel. Up to 4 Intimidator™ Wave IRC lights can be linked together

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  • The MHL832 is a moving head with a light source on both sides. Both sides have 3x 8W RGB LEDs that create a stunning beam of 0°. Besides having two light sources the MHL832 also has the possibility to rotate continuously creating a tumbling effect. The moving head can be used in either DMX or stand-alone mode.

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  • A very compact Panther moving head. The 12W CREE LED produces a 13° beam. The moving head is equipped with both a color and gobo wheel for ultimate control. The gobo wheel has 7 different gobos + open and the color wheel has 7 colors + white. This Panther moving head works in DMX, stand-alone mode or with IR control. When operating in DMX mode you can...

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