Tripes - Suportes

Tripes - Suportes
Tripes - Suportes

GATOR GFWMICBCBM1000 Suporte Micro de Mesa

40,24 €
Suporte de microfone de mesa para transmissão / podcast. Desk-mounted Broadcast microphone boom stand for podcasts & recording Includes Fixed XLR cable included for clean look & organization (10 ft long) Full 360-degrees rotation adjustment with minimal noise | spring-loaded articulating arm with 1.18 kg weight capacity & 97.79 cm Max...
Tripes - Suportes

GATOR GFW-MIC-CLMPBM9 Suporte Micro Percussão

9,35 €
Clamp ajustavel em a angulo e comprimento com braço de 23Cm Adjustable Clamp-On Angled Mini Interlocking Design 9 Inch Boom Arm Adjustable angle clamp-on mini boom, with 9" Reach Clamp securely attaches to tube diameters ranging from 15mm -22mm Interlocking teeth securely locks boom angle Angle adjustment clamp allows 270-degrees of rotation 5/8-27 Male...
Tripes - Suportes

GATOR GFW-TABLET1000 Suporte Tablet-Phone

15,45 €
Suporte para Tablet / Phone Ajustável de 6" a 13". The universal tablet/iPad clamping mount holder by Gator Frameworks provides a simple, sturdy solution for attaching iPads and various tablets or smartphones to microphone stands, music stands, speaker stands, drum hardware, or other stands. The universal tablet/iPad clamping mount holder is perfect for...

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