Tripes - Suportes

Tripes - Suportes
Tripes - Suportes

GATOR GFWMICBCBM1000 Suporte Micro de Mesa

40,24 €
Suporte de microfone de mesa para transmissão / podcast. Desk-mounted Broadcast microphone boom stand for podcasts & recording Includes Fixed XLR cable included for clean look & organization (10 ft long) Full 360-degrees rotation adjustment with minimal noise | spring-loaded articulating arm with 1.18 kg weight capacity & 97.79 cm Max...
Tripes - Suportes

GATOR GFW-MIC-CLMPBM9 Suporte Micro Percussão

9,35 €
Clamp ajustavel em a angulo e comprimento com braço de 23Cm Adjustable Clamp-On Angled Mini Interlocking Design 9 Inch Boom Arm Adjustable angle clamp-on mini boom, with 9" Reach Clamp securely attaches to tube diameters ranging from 15mm -22mm Interlocking teeth securely locks boom angle Angle adjustment clamp allows 270-degrees of rotation 5/8-27 Male...
Tripes - Suportes

GATOR GFW-TABLET1000 Suporte Tablet-Phone

15,45 €
Suporte para Tablet / Phone Ajustável de 6" a 13". The universal tablet/iPad clamping mount holder by Gator Frameworks provides a simple, sturdy solution for attaching iPads and various tablets or smartphones to microphone stands, music stands, speaker stands, drum hardware, or other stands. The universal tablet/iPad clamping mount holder is perfect for...
Tripes e Suportes Microfone

GRAVITY MS4222B Tripé Microfone Pequeno Preto

26,83 €
The MS 4222 B is a premium quality microphone stand with thick walled tubing, powder coated finish and 74 cm maximum height. The heavy duty round base made of cast iron is equipped with a rubber bottom to provide acoustic isolation and protect surfaces. The boom hub features precision 2-point tilt and position adjustment of the telescoping boom arm. A...
Tripes e Suportes Microfone

Gravity MS 4322B Tripé de Microfone

28,46 €
The MS 4322 is a premium microphone stand which features heavy-duty construction, powder coating and a maximum height of 169 cm. The extremely stable base features a zinc die-cast bell and generously proportioned, precision-folding steel legs with durable rubber caps to protect surfaces. The boom hub features precision 2-point tilt and position adjustment...
Tripes e Suportes Microfone

GATOR GFW-MIC-0600 Tripe Microfone Mesa

11,38 €
Desktop Mic Stand with Round Base Frameworks desktop mic stand with 6" round base, and fixed height of 23Cm The weighted round base keeps your stand securely in place. The bottom features a no-slip, rubber, noise reduction gasket to reduce unwanted vibration and footfall noise while protecting your flooring
Estudio - Gravação

GATOR GFW-MIC-SM4248 Aranha Universal

14,63 €
Aranha Ajustável (42mm - 48mm) para microfone membrana larga Gator Frameworks Universal Shockmount For Microphones 42-48Mm In Diameter (GFW-MIC-SM4248) Supports Most Large-Diaphragm Condenser Studio Mics 42-48mm in Diameter Improves Clarity in Recordings by Isolating Mic from Intrusive Vibrations Sturdy Spring Clip Opens Up Inner Diameter for Inserting...
Tripes e Suportes Microfone

GFW-MIC-0251 Mini Tripe Mesa Micro Wireless

7,64 €
Lightweight Collapsible Desktop Microphone Stand Clip Included For Most Wireless Microphones Great For Remote Podcast Interviews Fits Both US and Euro Mic Clips
Tripes e Suportes Microfone

MS-6 Tripe de Mesa de Microfone

17,89 €
Desktop microphone stand Robust version of high stability Shock-absorbing Easy folding Height: 170 mm Thread: 9 mm (⅜") Weight: 338 g
Tripes e Suportes Microfone

MS-12 Tripe de Mesa de Microfone

11,38 €
Desktop microphone stand Shock-absorbing Folding Height: 170 mm Thread: 16 mm (⅝") and 9 mm (⅜") Weight: 193 g

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