Iluminação Profissional
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Strob Led

Power Lighting COB 200 STROBE LED

121,14 €
The STROBE LED COB 200 allows thanks to the new COB technology to produce a strobe effect closely approximating that produced by a halogen bulb. Its power of 200W is obtained by 8 LEDs COB of 25W white as well as its successful DMX control and its very robust metal shell allowing it to realize professional applications with efficiency.
61,79 €
MBAR UVA 6U is an ultraviolet illumination bar designed for indoor installations, which incorporates 18 LEDs of 3W each. V LED illumination bar. 18 UV LEDs, 3W each. With two wings for positioning between 0° and 180°.
Moving Head Spot Led 60W Lyre Spot Moving Head Spot Led 60W Lyre Spot 2
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299,00 €
Satisfaction guaranteed with Lyre Spot 60W with 60W LED technology.  Hyper-reactive with three modes of operation and consists of a range of 7 rotating gobos and fixed effects, Lyra Spot 60W will fit all your benefits or facilities.
CHAUVET Lança Confetti Electrico CHAUVET Lança Confetti Electrico  2
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Confettis e Pirotecnia

CHAUVET Funfetti Lança Confettis Electrico

Funfetti Shot
321,14 €
CHAUVET DJ Funfetti Shot  e um lança confettis professional de uso muito simples. Pode ser operado por uma unica pessoa de forma facil e pratica. Perfeito para festas discotecas e concertos. É só adicionar confettis e disparar. Não precisa de compressor de ar nem CO2. Inclui controle remoto wireless.
73,13 €
Barra Led de efeito "wall washer" com 8 secções. Comprimento de 1 metro com 252 LEDs RGB e 48 canais DMX para aplicações de iluminação. A unidade é capaz de operar em três modos diferentes de operação adicionais, tais como autonomo, master / slave e som modo ativo. Vem com ajuste de velocidade, strob de cor, com controlo de cor RGB e interligação em cadeia
48,78 €
Stable lighting stand on a foldable tripod. Lightweight version With 1m extension tube T-bar with quick fitting and 4 hanging points Max height 3.5m Ideal for PAR cans
Dimmers e Controladores DMX

CHAUVET Splitter DMX 1In 4Out 1Thru DataStream 4

101,63 €
The Data Stream™ 4 is a universal DMX-512 optical splitter designed to distribute the incoming DMX signal, in daisy chain configurations, into four separate outputs with an additional “thru” port.
LED Followspot 75ST LED Followspot 75ST 2
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512,20 €
LED Followspot 120ST is a portable, LED followspot that emits a tight beam powered by a bright 120 W LED. Built-in CTO filter lowers color temperature to match tungsten lamps. Control options include DMX and manual modes. Focus the light where it is needed using the mechanical iris to reduce the beam’s diameter and deliver silent operation with fast...


549,00 €
POWER LIGHTING 1K RGB SATURN é um laser rgb (vermelho, verde e azul ) com uma potência de 1000 mW. Tem 4 modos de operação: Auto, Musical, DMX e Master / Slave.  Pode ser comandado via ILDA.Fornecido com seu gancho de lira, será ideal para festas, bares, casamentos, discotecas, clubes, DJ's e outros benefícios. Laser para uso profissional.
Bolas de Espelhos

Bola de Espelhos 30Cm com Motor

28,46 €
High reflection mirror balls and low noise motor. Designed to be used with pin spots to scatter a multitude of reflected beams. Perfect for creating a party atmosphere. Supplied with a 15cm chain to hang the mirror ball Low noise motor (synthetic)
Máquina de Bolhas ANTARI B-100X Máquina de Bolhas ANTARI B-100X 2
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Maquinas de Bolas Sabão

ANTARI B-100X Maquina Bolas Sabão

117,89 €
Este aparelho desenhado para festas está equipado com o "Double Bubble Wheel", destinado a produzir uma quantidade sólida e abundante de bolhas continuamente.
Máquina de Fumo ANTARI HZ-500 Máquina de Fumo ANTARI HZ-500 2
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Disponivel em 72 Horas
Maquinas de Hazer

ANTARI HZ-500E Maquina Hazer

1 215,45 €
HZ-500 is definitely the best choice for those stage designers,performers, and audiences who are sensitive to surrounding settings. Last but not the least, the extraordinary low haze liquid consumption rate makes HZ-500 more energy-efficient and more environmental-friendly.silent operation demanded by professionals.
Maquina de fumo BeamZ Maquina de fumo BeamZ 2
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Maquinas de Fumo

S-900 Maquina de fumo BeamZ 900W

52,85 €
Maquina de fumo 900W 900W Smoke machine Thermostatically controlled heater 900ml smoke fluid tank Wired remote control, cable length 3m Optional wireless remote control C2-IEC
36,59 €
Two-in-one: Wash and Beams effect Glowing transparent crystal globe 82 Strong beams Mode: DMX 512, Sound activated, Auto 6 Channel DMX Strobe flash rate and brightness are adjustable 6x 3W RGB LEDs
Liquido Bolas Sabao 5L...
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Water-based Bubble Fluid for use with BeamZ bubble machines, produces long-lasting, lightweight bubbles with high reflectivity, which dissolve without leaving any oily residue. UV-Active bubbles glow under UV Lighting/Blacklight. Environmentally friendly and completely harmless in normal use. BeamZ bubble fluids are suitable for most models of bubble...
DJ DRAPE LED Cortina Leds... DJ DRAPE LED Cortina Leds... 2
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Cortinas LED

DJ DRAPE LED Cortina Leds RGB 3x2Mt DMX

Motion Façade
483,74 €
At 4ft-by-6.6ft, the MotionFaçade™ LED makes a perfect front board for a DJ. 66 tri-color SMD LEDs power 30 different effects. The façade can easily run in conjunction with the MotionDrape™ LED or on its own via the included controller or DMX. 1 Curtain 3Mt X 2Mt  1 Curtain 2Mt X 1Mt
UV Luz Negra

UV-BARLED12X3 Barra Luz Negra Led 12x3W

53,66 €
UV-BARLED12X3 is an ultraviolet illumination bar designed for indoor installations, which incorporates 12 LEDs of 3W each. V LED illumination bar. 12 UV LEDs, 3W each. With two wings for positioning between 0° and 180°.
Barras LED


160,98 €
Barre à Led 14x3W + 56 Leds 5050 RGB The CRYSTAL 14x3W LED BAR with 2-in-1 effect (lighting + decoration) has 14 white 3W (warm white) LEDs on the front and 56 SMD5050 RGB LEDs on the back. It includes a Strobe, a Dimmer, a Powercon plug and 4 DMX modes for multiple and innovative applications. Ideal for installations on stage, in a club, in a hall, etc
Bolas de Espelhos

Bola de Espelhos 30Cm

21,95 €
Mirror ball 12'' diameter (30 cm). Fixing point and ring to join a motor. Weight:1.2 kg
BEAMZ Maquina Fumo Fazer  900W F900 BEAMZ Maquina Fumo Fazer  900W F900 2
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Maquinas de Hazer

BEAMZ F900 Maquina Hazer Fumo 900W

113,01 €
BeamZ F900 Fazer with output controller A compact, timer controlled 900W fazer machine with an excellent haze emission, making it ideal for rather smaller premises The machine is also able to produce continous haze if needed in some cases Equipped with a high quality heating element and a built-in liquid tank Supplied with wired remote control
Confettis e Pirotecnia

LY200 Máquina de Fogo DMX 200W

158,54 €
Voltage: AC100V/220V,50~60Hz. Fire height: 2M-4MFire fule: Liquefied Petroleum GasControl method: Direct control(manual control)/DMX control Product weight: 5 KG/PC Product size:25cm*25cm*54cm/PC Packing weight: 20kg Packing Size: 60*30*25 cm (L*W*H)/PC

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