Acessórios Microfone

Acessórios Microfone
SHURE UA700  Antena Substituiçao
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Acessórios Microfone

SHURE UA700 Antena Substituição 470-530Mhz

31,71 €
Antenna 470-530Mhz Omnidirectional whip antenna for ULXD1, QLXD1, UR5, UR1, UR1H, UR1M, P9R and P10R bodypacks, 470-530 MHz
OPTOGATE PB-05 Automatic Micro Gate OPTOGATE PB-05 Automatic Micro Gate 2
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Acessórios Microfone

OPTOGATE PB-05 Automatic Micro Gate

117,80 €
Automatic microphone switch, with optical distance sensor. Automatic switch, response via infrared signals For condenser microphones and dynamic microphones with balanced output configuration Easy operation via 48 V phantom power Adjustable distance: 0-1.5 mm, detection angle: 15° Low-noise semiconductor switch Reliable switching operations due to...
SHURE UA710  Antena Substituiçao 518-578Mhz
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Acessórios Microfone

SHURE UA710 Antena Substituição 518-578Mhz

31,71 €
Antenna 518-578Mhz Omnidirectional whip antenna for ULXD1, QLXD1, UR5, UR1, UR1H, UR1M, P9R and P10R bodypacks
Acessórios Microfone

GATOR GM-6PE Hard Case 6 Microfones

38,62 €
Microphone Case Made of Hard Plastic For to 6 microphones Foam inlay Leather carrying handle Snap closures Outer dimensions: 330 x 203 x 127 mm Weight 1.8 Kg
Acessórios Microfone

GATOR GM-4 Soft Case 4 Microfones

24,35 €
Lightweight  4 Microphone Bag Durable 600-Denier Nylon Construction Web Handles & Comfort Shoulder Strap 4 microphone drops Interior storage space Exterior storage space
Acessórios Microfone

WS-150 Windscreen Microfone lapela 4Un

7,72 €
Microphone windshield, 4pcs., black foam. For microphones with Ø 4-6 mm Dimensions: Ø 11 mm x 16 mm
Gatior Frameworks GFW-MIC-QRTOP-3P Gatior Frameworks GFW-MIC-QRTOP-3P 2
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Acessórios Microfone

GATOR GFW-MIC-QRTOP-3P Adaptador Rapido Pack 3

30,89 €
PACK 3 UNIDADES. A bright red safety collar around the clutch clearly indicates when the Quick Release is not properly engaged to prevent you from accidentally dropping the microphone. Quickly mount and dismount your microphone from its stand in two incredibly simple steps with the easy to use, ergonomic clutch release system The threaded end of adapter...
Microfones sem Fios

SHURE Bolsa Microfone

Bolsa SM58
5,37 €
Artificial Leather Pouch With zipper Suitable for Shure SM 58, Beta58, SM 57 and many more Dimensions: 25 x 11 cm Colour: black
Tripes e Suportes Microfone

SE Electronics Clamp Micros Bateria

31,71 €
Suporte de microfone compacto especialmente desenhado para bateria. When used as designed, the V CLAMP makes your V BEAT snare & tom mics even more compact, and even more flexible.  The V CLAMP adds another axis of vertical movement for even better fine-positioning ability, and keeps the V BEAT securely fastened to your drum rim while adding barely...
6,42 €
- Abraçadeiras com argola metal para cabos (Embalagem de  10) 225mm Comprimento - Material: nylon - Cor preta - Dimensões: 225 x 20 mm - Peso: 0,05 Kg
Acessórios Microfone

RODE WS2 Windscreen Microfone

13,17 €
Windscreen For NT1-A, NT2-A, NT1000, NT2000, NTK, K2, Classic II and Broadcaster
Estudio - Gravação

GATOR GFW-MIC-SM4248 Aranha Universal

14,63 €
Aranha Ajustável (42mm - 48mm) para microfone membrana larga Gator Frameworks Universal Shockmount For Microphones 42-48Mm In Diameter (GFW-MIC-SM4248) Supports Most Large-Diaphragm Condenser Studio Mics 42-48mm in Diameter Improves Clarity in Recordings by Isolating Mic from Intrusive Vibrations Sturdy Spring Clip Opens Up Inner Diameter for Inserting...
EMA-300P Adaptador Phantom...
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Acessórios Microfone

EMA-300P Adaptador Phantom Power

35,77 €
Phantom power supply adapter For connecting microphones with 3-pole mini XLR connector to a mixer with 48 V phantom power Mini XLR plug and XLR plug, 3 poles.
IMG EMA-1 Phantom Power Adaptador IMG EMA-1 Phantom Power Adaptador 2
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Acessórios Microfone

EMA-1 Adaptador Phantom Power

35,77 €
Phantom power supply adapter For electret microphones and electret microphone cartridges Also to be used as a phantom power adapter for mixers with phantom power supply +48 V Internal power supply via 1.5 V battery AA size (not supplied) 3-pole mini XLR input 3-pole XLR output
Microfones e Bases

JTS ST-5030 Base de Microfone

42,28 €
Desktop microphone base for gooseneck microphone Anti-slip coating at the bottom for a firm stand and for noise reduction High-quality on/off reed switch allows almost silent switching operation Selector switch at the bottom for choosing type of microphone used (electret/dynamic) Operation possible via +48 V phantom power or two 1.5 V batteries AA size...
Tripes - Suportes

GATOR GFWMICBCBM1000 Suporte Micro de Mesa

40,24 €
Suporte de microfone de mesa para transmissão / podcast. Desk-mounted Broadcast microphone boom stand for podcasts & recording Includes Fixed XLR cable included for clean look & organization (10 ft long) Full 360-degrees rotation adjustment with minimal noise | spring-loaded articulating arm with 1.18 kg weight capacity & 97.79 cm Max...
Tripes e Suportes Microfone

GFW-MIC-0250 Tripe de Mesa de Microfone

7,64 €
Lightweight Collapsible Desktop Microphone Stand Clip Included For Standard Hardwired Microphones Great For Remote Podcast Interviews Fits Both US and Euro Mic Clips
Proel EKBMG01Base de... Proel EKBMG01Base de... 2
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Microfones e Bases

Proel EKBMG01Base de microfone Touch

45,53 €
EKBMG01 is a professional Microphone base with Touch Sensitive ON/OFF switch and status indicator led screen.  The internal metal reinforcement ensures the maximum stability when used. Support for EK Professional Gooseneck Mics Touch Sensitive Switch Rugged Construction and Ergonomic Design It can be powered by battery or by Phantom power

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