Microfones Headset e Lapela

Microfones Headset e Lapela
AKG Microfone Headset C-544L AKG Microfone Headset C-544L 2
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Microfones Headset e Lapela

AKG C-544L Microfone Headset

73,98 €
AKG C 544 L, condenser-Headset for Speach and sport applications Very lightweight and comfortable Cardioid 20 - 20.000, 126 dB SPL max, Impedance: 200 Ohms, Mini-XLR plug Suits for B29L and AKG Wireless-Systems
HDJ10 Microfone Headset Cor Pele
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Microfones Headset e Lapela

HDJ10 Microfone Headset Cor Pele Mini XLR

39,84 €
Ultra-light headband microphone,  Due to the small design of the headband and the adjustable headband diameter, this microphone is ideally suited for children of different ages. It is suitable for reproducing vocals and speech for all kinds of audio transmissions. A high-quality back electret cartridge of omnidirectional characteristic provides a good...
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Microfones sem Fios

AKG WMS420 PRESENTER Sistema Emissor Lapela

WMS 420
211,38 €
Antenna diversity Operates with up to 8 frequencies simultaneously 10 mW Transmitter power Low battery warning on the transmitter 9.5" Receiver Detachable BNC antennas Bodypack transmitter with C417 L condenser lavalier microphone Polar pattern: Omnidirectional 3-Pin TQG connector Noiseless on / mute / off switch Charging contacts for optional CU 400...

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