Microfones Instrumentos

Microfones Instrumentos
Microfones Instrumentos

SHURE SM-57 Microfone Dinamico Instrumento

80,49 €
The SM57 is not only the first choice for professional musicians, it has also been at the podium of the US President for over 30 years. Its outstanding performance, legendary reliability, and diversity of application make it the choice of performers, producers and engineers around the world.
Microfone de Bateria SHURE Beta91A Microfone de Bateria SHURE Beta91A 2
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Microfones Instrumentos

SHURE Beta91A Microfone Bombo

223,58 €
The primary use of the Beta 91A is kick drums. It can also be used for other low frequency applications including piano. 
Microfone Dinamico AUDIX i5 Microfone Dinamico AUDIX i5 2
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Microfones Instrumentos

Microfone Dinamico AUDIX i5

77,24 €
The i5 can be used to mic a wide variety of musical instruments, guitars and bass cabinets as well as vocals and speech. The i5 is sturdy, compact and easy to position. With a wide frequency response of 50 Hz - 16 kHz, the i5 provides clear sound reproduction without having to rely on EQ.
AKG C519M Microfone Instr Sopro e Acordeao
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Microfones Instrumentos

AKG C519M Microfone Instr Sopro e Acordeao

126,02 €
AKG C 519 M - condenser clip-microphone with cardioid polar pattern frequency response: 60Hz-20kHz, 200ohm removable 3m cable to XLR (MPA V L) gooseneck with clamp, requires phantom power. incl. W44 windscreen H 518 angle holder, 3,0 m cable and bag
SENNHEISER E-906 Microfone Guitarra SENNHEISER E-906 Microfone Guitarra 2
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Microfones Instrumentos

SENNHEISER E-906 Microfone Guitarra

130,08 €
The Sennheiser E-906,  Evolution series, it's A dynamic instrument microphone, supercardioid. Frequency response 40-18000 Hz, Sensitivity 2.2 mV / Pa  @ 1 kHz 3-position switch (Hi-Boost-Flat - Hi-Cut), specially for guitar snare drum, brass dimensions: 55 x 34 x 134 mm weight 140 g including microphone clamp MZQ 100
Microfones Instrumentos

SENNHEISER E-604II Microfone Percussao

112,20 €
The Sennheiser E-604II is a compact dynamic cardioid instrument microphone. Transmits high SPLs without distortion. Compatible with toms, snares, and percussion. Clips-on quickly and easily wherever you choose. Tough, reinforced housing, and clamp. frequency response 40-18000 Hz Sensitivity 1.8 mV / Pa @ 1 kHz
Se Electronics V7X Se Electronics V7X 2
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Microfones Instrumentos

SE Electronics V7X Microfone Instrumento

79,67 €
Powerful. Natural. Focused. The V7 X brings all of your instruments to life. A supercardioid dynamic instrument microphone that lifts the sonic curtain in front of your sources, connecting listeners with your performance at a whole new level. The sibling to the acclaimed vocal-oriented V7, the V7 X is a dynamic instrument microphone ideal for a broad...
Microfones Instrumentos

Beyerdynamic TG D58 Microfone Percussão

96,75 €
Condenser Drum Microphone (Cardioid) Clip-on microphone for use with rack toms, snare drums or percussion instruments Integrated pre-amplifier with downward-facing standard XLR connections Balanced frequency response rate Low-resonance housing and elastic capsule suspension Made in Germany
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