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SPJ-PA915 Coluna Portátil... SPJ-PA915 Coluna Portátil... 2
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Colunas portáteis e Bateria

SPJ-PA915 Coluna Portátil 15" 700W USB/SD/MP3 2 Micros

186,99 €
Mains or 12V battery operation 15" 700W active sound system 1" Titanium compression driver Echo effect for microphones Volume control for each VHF microphone Integral USB, SD/MMC media player Remote control for MP3 player            Integral trolley with telescopic handle Rugged ABS case
Colunas Parede Instalação

ITC Audio T-775H Par Colunas 100V / 8H

121,14 €
Built-in 100v/70v transformer Wall mount type loudspeaker 5” +1.5” two ways speaker unit Power taps 3.75w-7.5w-15w-30w @100V plus 8ohm Metal grille, ABS enclosure and stainless mounting bracket
PROEL DI Boxe Activa Direct-100A PROEL DI Boxe Activa Direct-100A 2
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DI - Direct Injection Box

PROEL DIRECT 100A DI Boxe Activa

47,97 €
PROEL introduces in the STAGE GEAR family a Series of 8 new exciting models. Active Direct Injection Box High quality isolation transformer for ultra-flat frequency response Low-noise OP amps with high-quality sound performance XLR-F and ¼” JACK input connectors + ¼” JACK link - XLR-M balanced output 20dB PAD and GND lift switch Stackable aluminum shell
Mesa de Mistura STUDIOMASTER DigiLive Mesa de Mistura STUDIOMASTER DigiLive 2
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721,95 €
A Studiomaster apresenta a DigiLivE, um misturador de 16 Canais e 8 Out com faders motorizados. Amplo visor touch screen e portas USB. Isso significa que um mixer portátil, completo e com preço justo já é uma realidade.
Colunas Activas

Coluna Ativa Skytec SPJ-1500A 800W

137,80 €
Built-in 800W amplifier with crossover 15" Extremely powerful mid-low woofer Line and mic input with bass & treble controls Daisy chaining of additional speakers High compression dynamic horn driver Wide dispersion horn Stand mounting with 35mm pole socket Wheels for easy transport ABS impact resistant light weight system Supplied per piece
Flexsys FM10 - Monitor Flexsys FM10 - Monitor 2
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Monitores Palco Activos

FM 10 DB Technologies Monitor Activo 10" 400W

243,09 €
Active Coaxial Stage Monitor 10" / 1" 400 Watt The FM 10 renders vocals with such remarkable power, dynamics, and precision that it can serve as a compact fullrange system.  This and its extended bass response make it the ideal monitor for vocals and keyboards.
ITC T-6221 Leitor CD USB SD...
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195,00 €
1U tabletop and rack mount design CD/Mp3 Integrated into one unit Support CD/VCD/DVD/MP3 discs Intake type CD player for longer life span Dynamic VFD florescent screen English display High reliability CD core with ESS decode system of powerful error recovery Stereo left channel and right channel output
Subwoofer Passivo Skytec... Subwoofer Passivo Skytec... 2
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104,88 €
Bass box fitted with carrying handles and a top hat for stand mounting. Large 15" 600W woofer Built-in low pass filter Covered with damping carpet Deep resonance-free bass Protective corners and large handles Tophat in top panel Connection: 2x NL4, 2x 6.3mm jack, 2x gold-plated terminals
ITC Audio T-200B - Coluna de Projecção
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Colunas Jardim e Suspensão

ITC Audio T-200B - Coluna de Suspensão

47,97 €
Built-in 100v/70v transformer Pendant type loudspeaker for high roof applications Suitable for hotel lobby or cash desk use 6” full range speaker driver Power taps at 3.75w-7.5w-15w @100V Aluminum enclosure & metal grille of white color With security ring lock to prevent from drop
Amplificador SKY1500  2x750W SKYTEC Amplificador SKY1500  2x750W SKYTEC 2
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130,08 €
High quality 2x750W stereo amplifier Stereo and bridge mode Clip LEDs for indicating overload Ground lift switch Perfect DC output protection 19" rack mountable RCA and 6.3mm Jack inputs NL2 speaker connectors, 6.3mm Jack and terminal outputs
BEYERDYNAMIV Auscultador DT770PRO 80 Homs BEYERDYNAMIV Auscultador DT770PRO 80 Homs 2
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95,93 €
Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohms:  80ohms, frequency response: 5Hz-30KHz. Weight: 270g , gold plated mini-jack; 1/4" stereo jack adapter included
SkyTronic Amplificador Stereo 2x50W SkyTronic Amplificador Stereo 2x50W 2
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Hi-Fi - Karaoke

SkyTronic Amplificador Stereo 2x50W

67,48 €
Amplificador Stereo - Cor: Cinza- Design atractivo- Controlo de tom de 3 bandas- 4x Entradas de linha RCA stereo- 2x Saídas por terminais de parafuso- Potência RMS: 2x 50W- Impedância min: 4 Ohm- Fonte de alimentação: 230Vac, 50Hz- Dimensões: 270x285x95 milímetros- Peso: 3,1 Kg
ITC Audio T-710K - Coluna tipo Corneta
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Colunas Cornetas Exterior IP

ITC Audio T-710K - Coluna tipo Corneta

139,02 €
Built-in 100v/70v transformer Waterproof horn type loudspeaker Wide frequency response range both suitable for music and paging Much longer dispersion distance 6”+3” two ways speaker unit IP66 waterproof level Power taps3.5w-4.5w-9w-12.5w-25w-50w @100V ABS enclosure and metal bracket Ideal for parking, mosque, park & playground use
Mesa Mistura 8Ch Mono 2Ch Stereo Efx EFX8 Mesa Mistura 8Ch Mono 2Ch Stereo Efx EFX8 2
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210,57 €
The Soundcraft EFX™ Series combines all the features of the popular Soundcraft EPM™ mixer with a built-in 24-bit, digital Lexicon® effects processor, expanding the Soundcraft low-cost, multipurpose compact range. 8 mono inputs, 2 Stereo inputs, inserts in all channels, solo and mute per channel. 48v phantom power.
Sistema in ear SHURE PSM200 Sistema in ear SHURE PSM200 2
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Monição In-Ear

PSM 200 SHURE Sistema In-Ear

378,86 €
The entry to professional in ear personal monitoring from Shure. This package contains SE-112 Sound Isolating earphones, a P2R receiver and a P2T transmixer.
Altifalantes Coluna Tecto

ITC Audio T-105CA - Coluna Tecto 5" Anti-Fogo

19,80 €
Fireproof version design of ceramic terminal, thermal fuse, fire dome and fire-resistant cable Built-in 100v/70v transformer In-ceiling type loudspeaker 5”+1.5" coaxial speaker unit Power taps 3W & 6W @100V With metal fire dome Aluminum grille, metal baffle and fire dome Paint in white color
PALMER Pro Phantom Power 2 Channel PAN48 PALMER Pro Phantom Power 2 Channel PAN48 2
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Phantom Alimentadores

PALMER PAN48 Phantom Power 2 Channel

100,81 €
Palmer Pan 48 is a unit for the external power supply of phantom powered appliances. Due to the high current level of a maximum of 20mA, the application is not just limited to condenser microphones
Sistema Activo PD Combo1500 15"Subwoofer+8" Satélites Sistema Activo PD Combo1500 15"Subwoofer+8" Satélites 2
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560,98 €
Easy to transport active 1500W sound system suitable for mobile DJs, karaokeshows, drive-in shows and presentations. This professional set includes a 15 "subwoofer and two 8" satellite speakers. The subwoofer covers a frequency range of 33Hz - 200Hz while the satellite speakers cope frequencies of 120Hz to 20kHz. This system is designed for "on the road"...
S32 BEHRINGER Digital Stagebox 32In 16Out S32 BEHRINGER Digital Stagebox 32In 16Out 2
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649,59 €
I/O Box with 32 Remote-Controllable MIDAS Preamps and 16 Outputs AES50 Networking featuring KLARK TEKNIK SuperMAC Technology ULTRANET Connectivity for BEHRINGER's P16 personal monitoring system for in-ear applications in V2 Version
Monitores Palco Passivos

NORTON Stage Monitor 15" M2XC

M2 xc
M2CX is a stand-alone coaxial two-way passive speaker with single (Point-Source) acoustic radiation in a very compact and low profile footprint. Designed for true “plug and play” operation, the passive crossover network uses elliptic topology with built-in phase compensation, real time compression driver protection and passive equalization. M2CX is...
DBX 166XS Compressor Limitador DBX 166XS Compressor Limitador  2
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Crossover Analogico

DBX 166XS Compressor Limitador

113,01 €
DBX 166 XS compressor/gate/limiter, com função attack and release time ajustavel. Optima qualidade som e control dinamico. Pode ser usado em Stereo ou Dual Mono In Out em XLR ae 1/4" jack. Sidechain Insert (1/4" jack)

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